Zinc Alloy Dog Tag Pet Tag Anti Lost Dog Tag ID Card Glitter Footprint Engraving Dog Tag5pcs

122,00 kr.

Til butik


The black paw print badge is perfect for engraving your details. It fits all dog collars and seat belts. There are 3 sizes to choose from. Themed dog tag, used for collars or straps This very beautiful medal black is made of rust-resistant enameled stainless steel, which will match perfectly with a black necklace or bracelet. Fits most collars and seat belts. You can engrave this medal at the shoemaker and there attach your contact details. The medals are sold in blister packs. The diameter of the medal: PM: 20 mm-3 engraving lines. MM: 30mm-5 engraving lines. GM: 38 mm – or 6 engraving lines. Our medals are sold in unengraved blister packs.

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