Yale Black Keyless Connected Phone Tags (Pack of 2) – N/A

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Yale Black Keyless Connected Phone Tags (Pack of 2) YALE P-YD-01-COM-RFIDPB Black Keyless Connected Phone Tags give you quick & convenient access. Simply pair the tag with the lock, then tap against your Keyless Connected Smart Lock to unlock your home. A mix of up to 20 Accessories can be added to a Keyless Connected Smart Lock. Accessories are NOT compatible with Keyfree or Keyfree Connected Smart Locks. Yale think that convenience should be at the centre of all activities, they want to make things as simple and easy for you everyday. Yale smart locks offer convenient and innovative door locking solutions for your home, without the need to carry keys. Specification: – Pack Size: 2 – Product Weight: 1.0kg What’s In The Box?

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