XAINE 50 Pcs Durable Plant Tags T Shape Wooden Plant Tags Waterproof Garden Tags Garden Labels Signs for Flower Vegetable Seed Garden Nursery

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About this product: Size and quantity: 10 cm long, 6 cm wide. Package includes: 50 pieces of wooden T-shaped garden trailers. Double-sided writable plant labels that provide ample space to write, name your plants, mark species, or chart growth, etc. The T-shaped design makes it easy to insert into the ground and does not harm the roots of the plant. Wooden pendants go better with plants. Eco-Friendly Material: Our plant tags are made of natural poplar wood, which is eco-friendly and renewable, non-toxic and pollution-free, won’t damage the soil or rust like metal tags. You can use it with confidence. Writing Easy: The plant labels are easy to write on the smooth surface with the marker pen, UV resistant, and won’t wash off in the rain or fade in the sun. You can mark the name, date and growth status of the plants if you have a lot of potted plants. The plant label can be reused. If you want to write longer, please use the permanent marker. DIY Projects: You can design your own custom

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