Weight Lifting Disc 25mm – 2X Dumbbell Clamp Ring Collar – Weight Fixing on Weight Lifting Bar

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MORE SAFETY: Ensure that your discs are held in place during your weight training exercises with this set of 2 clamps and thus avoid accidental falls. 3 sizes are available. EASY TO INSTALL: The disc stops are non-slip and easy to install and remove. Just slide them over the bar and close them with a clip. DELIVERY: You receive a set of 2 stop discs with a diameter of 25 mm. They are made of durable ABS plastic and rubber. FOR ATHLETES: Use these practical little accessories for crossfit training, lifting weights standing up or on a weight bench, or any other sports activity with bars of dumbbells. WHERE WITH YOU: Whether at home or in the gym, the bindings are light and easily transportable.

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