Waterproof Pet Remote Control Electric Dog Training Collar, 1 Controller, 1 Collar

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Range: up to 880 meters Water capacities: IP67 Waterproof Tone/Vibration Options: 100 vibration levels and 1 standard tone level Shock levels: 100 levels of static shock Battery type: Rechargeable lithium batteries, charge at the same time Easy to use and ergonomic transmitter LCD display for nighttime use

Light mode to help see the dog in low light conditions When a dog behaves badly: 1.Use Beep mode to warn the dog with sound; 2.If the dog does not react, use Vibration mode; 3.Vibration mode can have good training effect for some dogs and stop their bad behavior. If the dog does not react to the vibration, use the electric shock mode for a short time (the intensity is adjustable, which is completely safe for the dog). After receiving the various warnings of the training, the dog can stop his bad behavior every time he hears the sound warning. In general, you will no longer need to switch to vibration or electric shock modes. It works even if submerged in water, allowing your

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