Ultralight Cat Harness and Leash Kitten Collar Soft and Comfortable Cat Walking Vest Running, Leak Proof Suitable for Puppies Rabbits(Gray,M)

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Ultralight: the entire harness is less than 60g, the same weight as a car key. Your cat is free to walk after wearing it and absolutely loves it! 360° back chest circumference: the pressure on the chest is even and safe to prevent pulling and choking and protect the cat from the fragile trachea and throat without pain. Suture added to the chest: to better fit the cat’s neck and chest which has a strong three-dimensional feeling. This anti-shedding cat sling has soft edges and elastic padding to prevent injury and escape. High elasticity and drying: lightweight filling material, moisture absorption, quick drying, odor reduction, toughness, wear resistance and high elasticity. Size S: chest circumference: 23-28 cm and weight: 1-3 kg; M: chest: 28-33 cm and weight: 3-4.5 kg; L: chest circumference: 33-38 cm and weight: 4.5-7 kg.; The 360° chest back can cushion running and is comfortable to wear. Designed for your furry friends, it’s perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking,

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