Thsinde – Rechargeable training collar, 400 meter range remote control, lock button and IP67 waterproof electric collar with vibration, shock and

297,00 kr.

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The dog training collar has 4 effective modes: standard sound, vibration, electric shock and light. Most of the dog’s bad behavior can be corrected, or it can be taught basic obedience commands. Remote control with 400 meters range and lock button: This prevents your dog from being corrected inadvertently, thus protecting your dog. It can help you control animals within a radius of up to 400 meters. You can use it anywhere, whether in your backyard, park or on the beach. Waterproof and Rechargeable: Excellent waterproof technology allows our receiver to achieve IP67 waterproof rating. Your dog can wear this collar for water activities, don’t worry. Equipped with high lithium battery performance, it can maintain its full power and can be used for about 7-14 days after just 2 hours of charging. Suitable for all dogs: Our training collar is suitable for all dogs between 4 and 60 kg. The packaging contains long and short contact points suitable for both short and long haired dogs.

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