Thsinde – Airtag Cat Collar Holder For Apple Air Tag Cat Collar Holder Within 1/2 Inch, Airtag Dog Collar Holder, 2 Pack Airtag Pet Collar Holder For

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Premium Material(Washable Silicone )The dog or cat collar holder for airtags are made by soft silicone which can protect your air-tags from dust, dirty, scratch and drop , and also it’s washable and waterproof. We are committed to provide a 360 protection for air tag in pet collar.(Multi Colors Available) The dog collar silicone case for air tags is comfortable for pet. Pet Collar Protective Case Compatible with airtag case and others, Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Kids, Parents GPS tracking. The silicone holder has two holes which can fit for airtag on the dog collar, cat collar, kids school bag, elderly backpack within 0.5 inch.So that you can easy to find your pets or bags if they got lost, you can check for their location anywhere in anytime.Pet Friendly MaterialHigh-quality silicone material is made for small dog and cat tracker, and it is water-proof, scratch-resistant and washable.Easy & ComfortableUnique appearance design silicone case. Small size, great fit for airtag used in

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