The Dog Collar Holder Is Compatible With The 4-Piece Case

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1. Compatible with: The protective cover is compatible with and is a support for dog collars. Has no negative impact on the signaling function of the aviation tag. 2. Air Tag Dog Collar Holder: This Protective Air Tag Collar Holder can be used for dog collars and pet ring holders, clipping onto school bags, fanny packs, backpacks back and items that match their size. You can track and locate your items at any time. 3. Silicone Material: Made of high quality silicone, soft and comfortable, colorful and fashionable, with excellent impact resistance and shock absorption, compatible with Apple Air tags. 4. Convenient and simple: just pass your pet’s collar or shoulder strap through our air tag holder, no need to lock or unlock the you don’t have to worry about losing your pet anymore company when you take it shopping, beaches, mountain camping, travel and more.

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