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Iscar: Tag N3J Insert Grade IC83 0 TAG N-J/JS/JT : First choice for soft materials, alloy steel and austenitic stainless steel. Parting of tubes, small diameters and thin-walled parts. Cutting edge with positive rake used at low-to-medium feeds. The JS-type has sharp corners. 70% more productivity, tangentially clamped, single-ended parting system ISCAR’s new, single-ended insert for parting with an improved clamping method. Features and Benefits Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket Enables machining at very high feed rates and provides excellent straightness and surface finish Recommended for parting large diameter parts and for interrupted cuts Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow, since there is no upper jaw The combination of tangential clamping and free chip flow results in improved tool and insert lifetime Provides a solution to the problem of inserts being pulled out during retraction Specifications Grade: IC830 A ‘SUMO TEC’ AlTiN+TiN PVD coated grade ISO

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