Super Soft Double Velvet Adjustable Puppy Litter Collars

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Product description 1. DURABILITY AND ENDURANCE: The Pet ID Puppy Collar is made of high quality nylon, providing unmatched durability while remaining lightweight. With our high-quality puppy collars, you never have to worry about them falling or tearing, ensuring long-term use and making your dog easy to identify while keeping them comfortable. 2. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Unlike a normal puppy collar leash which is uncomfortable to wear and irritating to your pup, our pet ID’s puppy collar is made from the softest nylon on the market and you professionally provides a puppy ID strap that your little furry friend. will love to wear! 3. ADJUSTABLE: There is a fixed strip at the end of each strip of cubs, which is convenient for fast-growing cubs. It is also ideal for other small animals. Please don’t be too tight. Your puppy is growing fast. Please check the strength of the velcro to make sure the ID strip will hold properly. We use longer velcro (covering 4 inches) and the puppy collar is

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