Split Flat Keychain Heavy Duty Bulk Key Ring Solid Key Ring For Car Home Large Metal Dog Ring Tag Lanyards School Office DIY Chain

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Silver, simple key organization. Use the ergonomic key ring loop for easy key storage. The keyring is 30mm in diameter. Super solid. High resistance. The large split ring is made of heavy duty high quality steel for excellent durability. Robust design. The carefully designed key ring prevents the key ring from slipping. The key ring of the key ring does not deform for a long time and maintains its original appearance. Ideal for organizing your keys. Organize your house keys along with your car key ring with the SILIPAC Keyring Heavy Duty key ring. Ideal for needlework. Keychain rings are conveniently sized for crafts, jewelry and home decor or exceptional artwork. Keychains also make EDC a fun accessory for craft or sewing projects! Decorate a picture or build a sculpture, the possibilities are endless. Perfect for carrying membership cards or attaching clips, pendants, ties, clasps, charms, ties, dog rings, curtains, DIY projects. With split key fobs, you’ll provide convenient key

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