Soleil – Dog Collar Leather Cat Collar Adjustable Pet Collar Strap xs

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The description of the product 1. Ultra-fine tip PU(Polyurethane) fiber leather and polished silver tip ultra-fine point dog collar improve stitching on both sides, durable and not easy to crack. Pets with new collars can show off and get more praise. 2. Size XS 12 x 0.4 , adjustable 7.5 – 1.2 , weight 0.7 LBS, suitable for cats or small dogs, such as Chihuahua, York, Boston Terrier, Pomeraner, wire terrier, etc. 3. These tips are polished and not too sharp, so don’t worry about hurting your dog or cat’s fur. Strong rivets prevent pets from damaging puppy collars. Can also protect your dog from intentional or unintentional attacks while playing with other dogs. 4. A leather texture on the collar will definitely make your dog more stylish for walks, walks, trips and even parties, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

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