Soleil – Cat Recovery Collar, Pet Protective Collar, Anti Bite Anti Licking Recovery Collar, for Cats Anti Biting After Surgery

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High-quality materials: The cute pet bite collar is made of cotton and PP cotton, which is comfortable and breathable, light and compact, and the pet will not bear too much pressure when it is pressed. he wears it. Unique Design: Adjustable size design, when the collar is placed on the pet’s neck, you can use the elastic cord to adjust the size of the collar and tighten it or loosen it as needed. Protect the cat’s cervical spine: the ring design can effectively protect the pet’s safety, prevent pets from licking and biting the wound and promote faster wound healing. Easy to clean: The protective pet collar is not easy to stain. After the spot is stained, you only need to manually clean some of the spots, which can reduce your burden. Widely Used: The pet collar is suitable for kittens and puppies. The adjustable range of the collar is 17-27cm. It is recommended that animals with a collar do not weigh more than 9 kg.

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