Soft Nylon Padded Dog Collar Breathable Pet Collar with Reflective Strips Adjustable Puppy Collar for Dogs (m (Neck 35-45cm), Red)

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Material: The dog collar is made of nylon, comfortable and breathable; the lining is made of diving fabric and soft mesh, which does not hurt your dog’s fur or skin Durability: The rings of the dog collar are made of durable stainless steel, with high load capacity and tensile strength for large dogs, making the collar very durable. Safety: It has 3M reflective strip, when you take the dog out, the reflective strip can protect your dog, so you don’t worry about the dog’s safety. Half collar design: This design has a limiting effect on dogs, allowing you to train them well and not worry about them being strangled. Size:M (neck 35-45cm)|Colour:Red Wide and comfortable This product is wider than traditional dog collars. It is more suitable for dogs, and it uses neoprene padding, which makes the collar more comfortable and breathable.

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