Soft and Cute Cotton Cat Cones, Post Surgery Avocado Neck Cone, Adjustable Toast Cat Collar, Elizabethan Protective Cat Recovery Collar, Suitable for

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Material: Our cat cone collars are made of quality fabric and filled with cotton, soft, lightweight and warm. It will provide the best wearing experience for your cats and won’t be a burden for a long time Adjustable size: M Suitable for cats from 6 to 9 kg Great protection: Our cat recovery collar is a perfect method to prevent your pet from aggravating an injury or injury, so they heal sooner while still being able to eat, drink, sleep and play as normal Super cute costume: Our avocado and toast shape neck cone is super cute, adds fun to life and makes your cat more adorable. Great ornament for photo shoots, parties, Halloween or Christmas Note: This electronic collar would provide more protection for the wounds that are on the upper part of your pet’s body. They could still lick their front and back paws while wearing this. For lower body wounds, this will only discourage licking, but not completely, as the e-collar is soft and could be bent

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