Small Animal Leashes 1 Pcs Pet Dogs Collar Reinforce Rainbow Colors Round Rope Pet Puppy Cats Leash Lead Harness Traction Rope Nylon Materials Ar

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Puppy Leash Lead Harness Traction Rope Nylon Materials Product Color: Rainbow Colors Product Size 1: The small rope is about 0.6cm in diameter and the leash is about 0. 6cm diameter. and the back can be adjusted within the range of 26-39 cm) Product size 2: The medium rope is about 0.7 cm in diameter, and the chest strap is 1.5 cm wide (the chest and back are can adjust within the range of 30-43 cm ) Product size 3 The large diameter of the rope is about 1.0 cm, the chest strap is 2.0 cm wide (the adjustable range of the chest back is 39-53cm) Color round rope strap length: 120cm; Application: small dog, cat, plush rabbit

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