Set of 10 Sound collar – fixing support with seal – for pipe Ø 1” 32-36mm – in galvanized steel – to screw М8/М10

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A set of 10 anti-vibration clamps for Ø 1” pipe with rubber washers, 2 assembly screws and a solder nut that allows you to securely hold steel, plastic or copper pipes in place. The clamp prevents movement between the piping and the installation, keeps the fittings in place and offers the possibility of multiple uses. Dimensions: For tube Ø 1”; ID: 32-36mm; Threaded lock nut: M8; 2 clamping screws on the slot/Pozidriv side. Permissible transverse load: 0.8 kN; Material: Galvanized steel; Rubber seal: Fire resistance class: DIN 4102; Shore hardness: A/15s; Operating temperature: -50°C +120°C; to meet your needs Duct support clips with sound insulation are used to fix ducts in air conditioning systems, sanitary and copper heating installations and to offset ducts from walls, ceilings or soils. Even better, it seals, reduces gaps and acoustics, holds fittings in place when building new installations or repairing old ones. In addition, they absorb extraneous noise Supplied with a rubber

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