Reflective cat collars with bells

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Quick Release Mechanism: The latest release buckle design is adopted. Just gently press the clasp and it will come off instantly. Because the buckle groove and the buckle tooth are arc-shaped contact. Easy to slide the buckle, it won’t get stuck, and it’s safer for cats. Reflective Design: The cat collar is made of soft and skin-friendly nylon material. skin, and there is a circle of reflective strips on the surface to protect your cat when playing at night. In addition, you can easily find your cat at night by lighting it with a flashlight. Adjustable size: The length of the cat collar can be adjusted at will between 17*30cm, whether your cat is big or thin, it will fit perfectly Bells: A cat collar with a bell can warn birds when cats are approaching them, reducing the danger of birds to zero. Thanks to this cat collar with bells, you can quickly find your cat

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