Reflective Airtag Cat Collar Breakaway With Gps Holder, Safety Buckle And Bell For Cat Kitten Puppy(Black)

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HIGH QUALITY Airtag CAT COLLAR – Airtag cat collar is made with well-stitched nylon that will protect your cats neck from irritation when being active. The quick release buckle of the breakaway cat collar is made of premium sturdy plastic and can be released quickly with one hand. We use a thick D-ring which provides a secure attachment pointer for your cat leash. Small bell make your cat so cute. DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY – Unlike the uncomfortable hanging GPS keychains that dangle and shake off, GPS holder for Airtag Cat Collar is made of soft silicone, which is lightweight, felxible, seamless and waterproof to your cat. In addition, the Airtag cat collar reflective strip improves your cat’s visibility at night or in the dark. Safer for you and your boy girl cat when walking, running or jogging. FOR WHAT MATTERS – The reflective cat collar is available in 7 colors, accommodates medium and small cats. Airtag Cat Collar Size: Min Length 22cm, Max Length 35cm. Not recommended if

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