Rechargeable training collar with 16 levels of vibration and electric shock sound effect. Waterproof, adjustable, suitable for small, medium and

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✅ 16 Modes for safer use : The training collar technology with its 16 control modes is the most effective! Indeed you can adapt the training to the rhythm of your dog. Shocks are effective against barking and are designed to teach barking. your dog. ? Long-lasting waterproof electronic battery with large range: All the equipment is IP67 waterproof, your dog will be able to swim or run in the rain without any problem . The battery at a duration of control and autonomy greater than 20 hours and has a fast recharge. You will be able to control the stimulation at any time. distance to; more than 300-400 meters. The collar is very suitable for the behavior of dogs, the strap is comfortable, light and durable. ⛑️ 0 risks 100% safe; : The conception and design of the brand’s French products certifies a 0-risk experience. In fact, the contact points are protected by plastic end caps which, when used in accordance with the leaflet protects the skin. The different levels of vibration and load

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