Rechargeable reading light, 6 LED reading light (cool white / warm yellow) 3 light patterns flexible 360 ° collar for bed books, e-reader / night /

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[3 brightness modes] 6 LED / 3 cool white LED / 3 warm white LED reading light, just press the button on the top of the light to turn on, change light mode and turn off. [Perceived state of charge] Charging cable. The red light means it is charging and the green light means it is fully charged. Plus, it can be turned on while charging the eReader. [Adjustable lighting angle] The 360 ° silicone foldable gooseneck can freely adjust the lighting angle. [2 placement methods] You can attach the small clip-on reading light to books, tablets, e-book readers or to the edge of the table. Or just put the eReader upright. [Humanized design] Low power consumption, finely polished surface, portable built-in lithium polymer battery, this miniature LED reading light can be used as an adhesive and night light. Protect your eyes and bring great comfort to people who are afraid of the dark.

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