Rechargeable Anti Bark Collar for Dogs, Anti Bark Device for Small Medium to Large Dogs, Anti Bark Collar for Dogs, (Blue)

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�Smart Dog Anti-Bark Collar�This dog anti-bark collar no longer triggers false triggers. Smart sensing design detects dog barking at specific frequencies and decibels, and filters out other irrelevant sounds. Growling, shaking, scratching or barking at other dogs will not trigger the collar. The anti-bark collar only turns off when your dog barks. �Safety Anti-Bark Collar with 2 Modes�Our dog anti-bark collar works in automatic mode, combining sound and vibration to prevent and prevent dog barking effectively. It helps your dog understand that barking is not recommended when it vibrates and beeps. Useful when you are on the go and your dog is alone. �Adjustable Sensitivity�This dog bark collar has 2 buttons “+-” to adjust the appropriate sensitivity from 1 to 7 levels according to the size of the dog. dog. The higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to trigger the collar. Level 4 is the most sensitive setting. �Rechargeable Waterproof Bark Collar�This bark collar can be

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