Protective airtag Silicone Case Compatible with air tag Apple 2021 Full Protection in for Accessory

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[Special design d This protective case is very suitable for the case . Its simple and practical design can help you stick on electronic products, tools, equipment and tissues, and it can also be easily glued to the collars of bicycles or pets. [High Quality Material] The shell sheath is a high quality eco-friendly silicone card holder sheath, very soft and comfortable. It’s scratch-resistant, durable, sweat-proof and stain-resistant, which means bike air tags can be well protected. [Excellent Performance] This belkin airtag case has strong adsorption capacity to ensure the AirTag will not fall off easily. And we added a special coating on the surface of the apple air tag cover so that if the cover AirTag is dirty, it can be easily removed. We provide 4 pieces of cover 2 black + 2 white. Different types can be better coordinated and applied to different occasions.

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