Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Adjustable Upper Back Straightener for Collar Bone Support and Relieves Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain, M

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Product Description Size: M Color: black Material: neoprene Package content: 1 * back brace
1. 【ALL-DAY COMFORT: & Eacute; Elegant and light. Our back brace can be worn over or under your clothes. No need to feel refreshed to wear our braces. You can wear it to work, & agrave; home or & agrave; outside and no one will know you have it. 2. 【BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR】: The adjustment range of the back support straps is 25%. 43 inches. Posture splint for women and men. Flexible enough to allow FREE MOVEMENT, this approved shoulder corrector. offers RELIABLE BACK SUPPORT & agrave; any time. 3. 【GUARANTEE OF AM & Eacute; LIORATION & Agrave; LONG TERM】: Start with 15 & agrave; 30 minutes a day and gradually correct the posture. Please keep & agrave; the mind that this device must be worn; for a longer period of time before you can notice improvements in your posture. After 2 & agrave; 4 weeks you will notice the first posture changes guaranteed. 4. 【GOOD POSTURE IS HEALTHY AND SEXY FOR

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