Post Surgery Dog Cones Soft Edge Anti-Bite Licking Adjustable Soft Collars LYLM

181,00 kr.

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【Dog hat for small dogs or cats】 -The product is suitable for pets with a neck circumference of 30-39cm (XL size, suitable for neck circumference 30-39cm, product depth 18cm), mainly for small and medium-sized dogs and cats. 【collectible collars and cones】This cone works well when your pets are after surgery, exam, wound healing, oral care and cosmetology to prevent overreaction. It also offers good protection when bathing, clipping claws and general grooming of animals. The soft flannel brim ensures comfort. 【Easy customization】 – 3 pairs of snaps make the dog cone easy to put on and take off and allow you to adjust the size according to your pet’s size. Neck. The double pressure design makes it more stable.

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