Plastic Tag Scraper, Tag Scraper, Can Opener, Plastic Multi-Purpose Rigid Scraper, Scratch Free Cleaning Tool – 6 Pack, Blue

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MULTIPURPOSE: This heavy-duty scraper is designed to remove stubborn stains from the hearth, scrape gums stuck to the floor, pick up thick dust in corners or wipe away dirt hidden in corner grooves. Both scraper heads work together. A wide head and a narrow head. The wide head can be used for scraping large areas, and the narrow head can be used for corner grooves or opening bottles and cans. Most of the time the two heads work perfectly together. Made of high quality plastic: Use PC plastic. It is an odorless, non-toxic, durable and environmentally friendly material. Except for steel, the surface will not leave any scratches after use. More importantly, we will never hurt ourselves with this scraper. As the material is very flexible, it can be bent without deforming. Comfortable grip design: The middle is designed with a smooth grooved curve. We can fit our thumbs into this curved groove very comfortably when using either head. 5, Blue Packing List: 6 * scraper We only sell scrapers,

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