PL1/8 Price Tag Labeler Portable Professional Label Maker Included 1 Pcs Price Ink Use In Office Shop Store Red

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Universal tool. This price tag gun contains 8 individual number slots for values up to 8 digits. Also includes the sign “”, “.” and other currency symbols, and is an excellent value for smaller and larger capacity users marked daily or occasionally, regardless of country. Easy to use. Applying price tags is easy with this label maker, just one click and the price tags will be released, stress and hassle free. The ink roller and paper have been installed on the machine and debugged. You can get it and use it right away. Wide range of applications. Ideal for use in sales, merchandise and advertising in many different industries such as grocery stores, supermarkets, retail, department stores etc. Packaging items. Comes with 1 red label, 21 ink refills so you can use it when you need it. Lightweight and portable. Made of strong plastic, it is very light. The size is about 40mm × 223mm × 128mm, which is portable enough and easy to carry. It is very suitable for giving to friends who need

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