Pet GPS Tracker,Waterproof Dog Tracker Collar with GPS,Item Locator, Key Finder, Wireless Anti-Lost Sensor Device GPS Tracking Device for Bags, Keys,

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Features: Positioning mode: There are default mode and precise mode, default mode can make the locator use longer time, when need to know the precise location of the managed locator turn on the precise mode, so as to better find. Five-fold positioning: GPS, BDS, WIFI, LBS and GPRS are integrated into the five-fold positioning, with a wide range of positioning types. Precise positioning: It can be precisely positioned both indoors and outdoors, and the signal will not disappear to achieve all-weather positioning. Remote intercom: Support remote voice intercom, convenient for you to call your pet and return to your side in real time. Electronic fence security monitoring: Set the travel range of your pet on the cell phone APP, and once it goes out of the set area, an alarm will be issued immediately to remind the owner. History track view function: You can view the route track of your pet for the past 3 months. Deep waterproof: With IP67 level waterproof design, you can travel in the

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