Pet Cat Recovery Collar, Cat Cone Collar, Soft Cotton Pet Protection Collar with Adjustable Soft Edge, Elizabeth Adjustable Kitten Collar

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Soft Cotton Material: Soft and lightweight cotton, makes the recovery collar skin-friendly, comfortable to touch, bring pets comfortable wearing experience, will not irritate pets skin. COMFORT: The Comfy Cone Collar does not interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision or ability to drink and eat. In fact, thanks to the soft edge of the fabric, they lie more comfortably. Size: size XS, suitable for kittens up to 1 kg. Adjustable: the pet collar can be adapted to the It can be adjusted according to the pet’s neck size and is suitable for many animals such as cats and dogs. Protect your cat: Good for your cat to recover quickly after an injury. The recovery collar prevents your cat from licking or chewing a wound on their body and protects your cat from directly traumatizing a surgical site or injured body area.

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