Personalized keychain, personalized key tag, travel luggage key for motorcycles cars , luggage, case, belt, equipment, key ring

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Embroidery floss is permanently sewn into the key ring. You can customize your own unique keychain. Personalize it with embroidered text from loved ones, teams you support, funny messages, phone numbers, poems or anything you like. Personalize your own gifts for friends, elders, lovers, yourself, parents, couples and more. This key chain is easy to take out of your pocket, hard to lose and easy to find if lost. This keychain is the first choice for motorcycles, cars, scooters and can also be used as earrings or as a chain for clothes and bags The keychain is made of high quality fabric, embroidered, button + pendant has a total length of 13 cm, a width of 3 cm, a clasp diameter of 3.2 cm (nickel plated, durable) and you can enter different text on both sides

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