Perlerare – Set of 3 Mini MicroLock S-carabiners, security carabiners for small objects, name tags, etc.

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【Lightweight and Reliable】These 3 S-shaped “Microlock” carabiners with 2 spring-loaded triggers are made of high quality lightweight stainless steel. Not easily broken, not easy to fade, good quality, never rust. 【 Multi-Purpose Carabiners】Double trigger carabiners are great for home, hiking, fishing, camping, etc… It can be used to attach a water bottle, a backpack, a key ring… 【 Quick and easy locking】These S carabiners are equipped with 2 spring triggers. These allow you to quickly hook or unhook keys, water bottles or other objects. 【 Secure】At the center of each carabiner is a small, strong plastic lever that allows you to close the two triggers with a single press, which prevents unwanted opening. 【Easy to use】Another press opens them again. Available in black and silver. Ideal for secure attachment of dog tags!

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