Orchid-Luxury Rhinestone Leather Dog Collar for Large Medium Small Dog Black Silver Gold Purple Pink Red Green xxs xs sml with diy Number Pendant

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Family Pet family: There are 7.4 million pet dogs in France and 17 dogs per 100 people. Our company’s challenge to all employees is to truly love pets, because we believe that only love can make the product perfect Anti-Lost Cell Phone Number Pendant: Each dog collar comes with a DIY lost number tag. You can enter your mobile number. If your dog is unfortunately lost, someone who meets them can call and let you know Color and Size: We have 8 colors and 5 sizes to cover all your preferences. So you can choose the dog collar that suits your dog Material: PU leather is particularly soft and does not damage the dog’s hair and skin. The tension is particularly good and cannot be easily dispelled by the power of the dog. Easy to clean and very breathable Classic Buck Belt Buckle: robust, easy to carry and remove, suitable for all playful dogs

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