OLVOXB Dog Claw Training Collar Detachable Adjustable Choke Collar Metal Adjustable Training Collar for Large Dogs XL 3.5mm 57cm Cruel

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about this article: ?【Proper training】 Dog clamp collar, provides the necessary training pressure and at the same time protects the dog’s respiratory tract and sensitive neck area. There is no need to yell or punish a dog. All you have to do is pull the training collar and the dog will immediately stop being naughty. The collar naturally increases pressure to mimic the bitch carrying her puppies. ?【safety and efficiency】The dog training collar applies even pressure to the sides of the neck, not the windpipe. The prong ends of the dog choke collar are protected by rubber tips, which can prevent damage to your dog’s neck. ?【Easy to use】 The dog collar features 2 strong D-rings that provide a more secure connection to the leash.

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