Nylon Dog Leash for Walking Training Adjustable Buckle Pet Leash Rope Collar Anti-Slip Belt(Black M)

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Reliable Material: The dog leash is made of soft, strong and wear-resistant braided nylon, giving you safe and comfortable control, allowing you to take your dog easily, which is convenient for you and your dog. The circumference is large and can be adjusted freely, enough for walking the dog, and can be folded and placed in your hand or pocket Sturdy enough: the dog leash dog training is too strong, the dog bites and tears, is a little elastic, is soft, and the sturdy design controls the pet’s training better. Adjustable and easy to use: the size of the collar can be adjusted at will, just put the rope on the dog’s head, adjust the protective gear as needed to tighten, just slide the protective gear to release your dog

Application: control the range of metal exchange activities, prevent dogs from running off the leash, co nsuitable for dogs or pets, very suitable for training and can be used as a good gift for friends with pets Made of high quality nylon, the dog leash is strong

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