Niceone – 70pcs shelf price tag holder, shelf label holder, label holder, for displaying supermarket retail prices, product price tags, business

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[Package contains 70 pieces of price tag holder]: The price tag holder has a crystal clear appearance that allows you to see the tags fully for easy reading. At the same time, the product card slot design allows you to change the label paper at any time, allowing you to update price information immediately. [Premium Quality]: Our label holder is made of high quality PVC plastic with high transparency, which ensures the clarity of this product. It is lightweight but strong, durable, not easy to break or deform, and a great choice for long-term use. [Excellent Design]: Each price tag holder has two ears on the top of one side that allow you to attach the holder to the metal case or storage box and remove it at any time when you don’t need it. At the same time, the portable position design makes it easy to insert or remove labels. [Easy to Use]: All you need to do is place the tag paper or tag paper on the display shelf, then attach it to the shelf or hanger. location of your choice. It

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