NFC Tags Stickers M1 RFID IC Tag 13.56MHz Rewritable Contactless Adhesive Back for Entry Access Control System, Yellow 4 Pack

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This proximity card badge is made of PVC material with adhesive on the back. It has the following characteristics: small appearance, adhesive, waterproof, wear-resistant, portable, durable and long service life. Model: M1; Yellow color; Applicable frequency: 13.56MHz; Package includes: 4 x NFC tag stickers NFC sticker is widely used for identification, especially for door access control systems, residence elevators, security management, etc. parking lots, public transport, hotel management, etc. The RFID tag can be copied and reprogrammed. The back adhesive design allows the stickers to be pasted on the phone. Need to use a dedicated copy device for writing, and can be used after writing the card successfully.

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