Mole Removal, Spot Eraser Pro, Skin Tag Removal With , Screen Spot Spot Remover. Replaceable Needles and USB Rechargeable, Freckle and Mole Remover

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【Professional Mole Removal Pen】This new version makeup remover pen is suitable for daily use at home or beauty salon, effectively and friendly remove mole/black spots/freckle/wart/tattoo on your skin. You’ll love the convenience of being able to remove your moles by yourself at your own home anytime and won’t need to spend a fortune every time going to the dermatologist. 【 Intensity of 9 Levels 】Unlike other traditional models with only 6 levels, this skin tag removal pen can be upgraded to 9 levels with LCD display. You can monitor the strength level on the LCD display, and lower small mole or skin tags to level 1-3 mild, mediate freckle to level 4-6, big mole or tattoo at level 7-9. Surface UV electroplating treatment, high-grade wear resistance; LED screen display, 9 files with exclusive voice prompts, no price increase when adding materials; Needle projector lighting, convenient and practical;

There are many high-quality packaging materials and accessories; Over-discharge

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