Mimiy – Anti Barking Dog Collars, Citronella Spray Dog Collar, Automatic Recognition Dog Barking Collar (Black)

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Anti-barking dog collar, citronella spray dog collar, automatic recognition dog bark collar, small and medium dog anti-barking collar, safe and harmless dog training collar stop barking collar 【Automatic Spray Anti-Barking Dog Collar】Automatically recognize dog barking and automatically wake up the spray mode to make the dog stop barking. This is the most convenient automatic safety anti-bark collar. You can train your dog to stop barking without much action. Very easy to use and economical. 【Safe and Humane Stop Barking】Reminding your dog to stop barking by spraying is by far the safest and most humane method. Citronella spray is completely harmless to dogs. For long-haired dogs, trim the neck hair along the spray path so that the neck hair does not block the audio sensor without activating the spray. 【ADJUSTABLE SPRAY VOLUME】Every dog is unique, and each dog responds differently to the spray. You can adjust the sensitivity and spray volume of the barking collar based on how your

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