Miele Vacuum Cleaner 15 x Dust Bags and Filters MULTIPACK FJM Type (Red Collar)

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags and Filters MULTIPACK FJM Type (Red Collar) MULTIPACK Includes:- 15 x High Quality Non Genuine Microfibre 5 Layer Vacuum Cleaner Dust Hoover Bags Suitable For Miele Vacuum Cleaners, FJM Type (Red Collar) 6 x Cut To Size Micro filters 1 x Miele Sf-aac50 Anti Allergy Hepa Filter/Active Air Clean Carbon Filter Our bags have the plastic retaining collar that seals the bag when you remove it from the appliance to ensure no dust escapes (just like the original) Non genuine spare part suitable for selected Miele appliances. Compatible with the following models: Miele CAT & DOG FLEX VAC FLORA GALA GEMINI GOAL JANUS JUBILEE JUPITER LEO LIBRA LUNA M.A.X MANGO MEDICARE NEPTUNE OCEANITO OECO OMNIA ONYX OPTICLEAN PACIFIC POWER PARKETT PILARIS PISCES Plus QUARTZ RED MOON S2110 S2111 S4000 S4210 S4211 S4212 S4213 S4221 S4222 S4260 S4261 S4262 S4280 S4281 S4282 S4381 S4510 S4511 S4512 S4560 S4561 S4562 S4580 S4581 S4582 S4711 S4712 S4780 S4781 S4782 S4812 S5000 S5210

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