Maglev Laser Plasma Pen Tattoo Mole Dark Spot Skin Tag Remover Device Eyelid Lifting Wart Mole Removal Pen Beauty Care Machine

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Feature: 1.Safe and comfortable, without any side effects.Can be obtained quickly safely and side effects of medical cosmetic results 2.No bleeding, with the function of blood coagulation 3.No scar, easy to recover injury 4.It can work for about 2-3 hours after 1 charge.

5.Extensive use: removes spots, removes freckles, removes pigment, removes age spots, brightens all spotted areas, reduces visible skin pores, 6 .Can remove wrinkles and lift eyelids. 7. Easy to carry, can be used in home beauty salon. Principle: Uses a new generation of efficient power conversion material and high-frequency discharge technology to low temperature of chip control. When the tip of the pen touches the problem area of the skin, can produce a high temperature of 2000 C, it can remove the bad spots and never recur.

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