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Centurion Europe: Ladder Tag Inserts – Pack of 50 The Work at Height Regulations came into force in 2005. These regulations apply to work at height where there is a risk of fall liable to cause personal injury. This applies to both internal and external work at height, and includes below ground level and low height. All ladders should be checked daily and prior to use for any damage, faults or wear and tear. In addition they should be inspected at defined intervals as part of a risk assessment programme. Use these inserts to manage the identification, safety, maintenance of ladders and help conform to the Work at Height Regulations 2005. An OmniTag holder should be permanently fixed to the ladder in a suitable safe place. Perform an inspection of the ladder (a checklist is printed on the reverse) and record the result on the tag. If the ladder fails the inspection remove insert and inform a supervisor. The OmniTag clearly states ‘Do not use this equipment’ when the tag is removed.

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