Labeling pliers, handheld labeling machine, 1 line/8 character labeling gun, price tag set, price tag set, manual labeling machine, price tag

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[Universal Tool] This price tag gun contains 8 individual number slots for numeric values up to 8 digits. Also includes the characters , . Dots and other currency symbols, excellent value for money for small and large volume users of daily or occasional identification, no country border. [Label size] Label size 12x21mm. Easy to use and change label rolls. [Convenient] Able to print various numbers and symbols including and. [Price tag set] 1 piece x price tag printer to 8 digits MX 5500, 1 rolls of price tag/sticker paper, 2 pcs x refill ink/replacement ink. Apply price notices or labels to products in a smart way. [Wide Application] Ideal for use in many different retail, merchandising and advertising industries such as grocery stores, supermarkets, retail stores, department stores, etc. Features: 1.Modern detailed easy-to-hold design is intended for repetitive use. A simple click and a sticker is released. Simple loading with preloaded with a clear system Simple system is easy to

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