Label Gun Price Tag Gun Garment Brand Labels with 1200 Padd LE Threads (White,5cm) + 5 Spare Need LE s for Bazaar Clothes Socks Hats Trade

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Comes with 5 spare tagging gun needles and 1200 plastic barbs (5cm length), it is enough for daily use that you don’t need to buy an extra one. Available in the same range also a kit of spare needles and polypropylene paddle threads to apply the labels on the products in complete safety. Using the marking gun and its accessories you can apply labels and prices for a very wide range of fabrics and soft objects quickly and efficiently. Ideal for attaching labels to products easily and quickly, very easy to use thanks to the push-button mechanism single pusher Protective cover to store the needle. Label Maker Price Tag Gun Clothing Brand Tags with 1200pcs Paddle Threads (white, 5cm) + 5pcs spare needles Features: –Perfect for stores, boutiques, dice cutters and warehouses. -saves a lot of time on the previous method of binding the tags to the bags. -The plastic tags are long enough for you to put your price tag and needle by the garment you want to sell. -1 needle is preloaded in the

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