KVMLR collar for dogs and cats (M, black and white) CRUEL

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” Nice bow tie design: Each bow tie is attached to the collar with an elastic band and the bow tie can be removed from the collar. The bow tie is hand-sewn, made of cotton and will not harm your skin Strong and durable buckle: The buckle is made of eco-friendly plastic.The D-ring is made of stainless steel and welded together, giving it extremely high strength and durability. Suitable for Various Pets and Various Occasions: This silver pet ring is suitable for various pets Occasions such as weddings, parties, family picnics, etc. The pet bow tie is the best gift for your favorite pet Suitable for puppies, cats, rabbits, etc. Both male and female pets can be used. Product Description Size information : Small: Neck Circumference: 1.5*24.5-35 cm, Width: 0.59″ Medium: Neck Circumference: 2.0 x 30 – 45 cm, Width: 0.79 inch Large Size: Neck: 2.5*36~55cm, Width: 0.98inch Color: As shown in the picture Package: 1* Dog Collar with Bow Tie “

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