Iscar – Tag N3C-B Insert Grade IC 808

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Iscar: Tag N3C-B Insert Grade IC 808 Parting and Grooving Single-Ended Inserts for Parting Bars, Hard Materials and Tough Applications. The TAG inserts are available with the familiar J- and C-Type chipformers, with neutral and angular frontal cutting edges. The new tools are equipped with a user-friendly clamping and extraction device. The TANG-GRIP family includes square shank tools, blades and inserts in 1.4 – 9.5mm widths in the most advanced IC830 and IC808 SUMO TEC grades. The blades are in standard siuzes which fit ISCAR’s standard blocks. Features and Benefits Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket Enables machining at very high feed rates providing excellent straightness and surface finish Recommended for parting large diameter parts and for interrupted cuts Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow Tangential clamping and free chip flow results in improved tool and insert life time Provides a solution to the problem of inserts being pulled out during retraction

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