In 1 dog training device + bark stopper, Remote control and waterproof and rechargeable automatic pet training collar, The distance is 800 meters.

286,00 kr.

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1. Convenient and waterproof: The remote control transmitter is flexible and compact, integrating remote control and automation, and easy to operate. use. The receiver can be used normally when the dog is drinking water or rainy days.Do not swim for a long time 2. Adjustable level: Gears for vibration and electricity static can be adjusted.Please select the appropriate material. for first time use. Gears 1-20 are gradually increased during the trial. 3. Multi-function and distance: 4 function modes, static/vibration/sound/flash. distance from this animal trainer is within walking distance. less than 800 meters.(Sea level test distance) 4. Features: There are 3 signal channels, one control transmitter to two. can control three receivers of the same model. 5. Energy-saving and applicable dog breeds: Energy-saving design, with automatic sleep and memory functions. most small to medium dogs. Product Specifications: Package Size: 16.5cm*15cm*5cm Color: Black Matiè re:ABS Package Content: 1

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