Heavy Duty Laundry Bag with ID Tag, Extra Large Waterproof Drawstring Bag for Dirty Clothes with 130gsm Tear Resistant Fabric, Washable Hamper

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The extra large laundry bag is designed to hold the dirty clothes of students living in dormitories, apartment dwellers. What we usually see on the market is a thin and fragile 190D/210D (50-70 g/m²) polyester fabric. It can often break or tear when washing dirty clothes. We need to find a material that is flexible, light but very strong after a full load at an affordable cost. After testing several materials, we choose 290T polyester (130gsm), a fabric that is twice as thick to enhance durability. Dirty Clothes Bag can hold over 50 lbs without tearing or broken seams. Use it as a laundry basket liner or laundry basket. It can fit most laundry baskets or baskets. Instead of taking the baskets full, just bring the lightweight but heavy-duty laundry bag to the laundry room. This laundry liner can hold 3-4 loads of laundry, large enough for a week’s needs. Drawstring closure Drawstring closure with locking cord, very easy to use. Your personal stuff won’t tip over when full of load.

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