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Hand Arm Warning Vibration Tags Amber Front Rigid hand arm vibration warning tabs provide a convenient user friendly method of labelling tools with the relevant vibration data. Using the original traffic light system, tools can be tagged according to vibration levels and usage time, for example a high vibration tool would require a red tag. The tags are durable and flexible; has UV-resistant properties and are extremely resistant to the elements. All designs are permanently laser etched into the plastic surface to make them easily read and long lasting. Designs can either be template layouts for completion with an indelible marker (self-write) or available with a range of pre-printed vibration data. Vibration Level Specific Hand arm vibration warning tags printed with vibration magnitude from 2.5m/s2 to 15m/s2 in 0.5m/s2 increments. Eg. 2.5, 3, 3.5 etc. The tags are also printed with the corresponding usage times in Points per Hour, EAV and ELV format. MPN: Hand Arm Warning Vibration

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