Gps Pet Locator Tracker, Pet Anti-Lost Device, Waterproof Dog Tracker Collar with gps, Wireless Anti-Lost Sensor Device gps+lbs Positioning

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Features: Precise positioning: GPS+LBS positioning is used to ensure the location of the pet whether it is indoors or outdoors. Real-time positioning: When the pet is stationary in one position for a long time, the locator will automatically go to sleep, and when the pet moves, the device intelligently recovers and uploads the position by frequency. Electronic fence: Set the travel range of your pet on the cell phone APP, and once it goes out of the set area, an alarm will be issued immediately to remind the owner. Historical track inquiry: You can view the route track of your pet for the past 3 months. Remote listening function: Even if it is far away, it is convenient for you to call your pet and return to you in real time. Super long standby: This locator has a standby time of up to 5 days, compact and convenient, very durable. Waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof: Daily rain or wetting does not affect the use of the locator, no worries about traveling in the rain. Smart chip: Fast

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